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Whether you are a business owner, professional, and/or financially successful individual, you know the importance of finding the right mix of broad-based executive compensation and benefit plans to recruit, retain, and reward valued employees. You also want to protect your investment and plan for the future, but keeping the economic pressures created by these programs under control can be a challenge. While many companies try to solve this with off-the-shelf product solutions, Healey & Associates offers a different approach.

Each client receives a thorough analysis driven by the clients’ strategic and financial objectives. Then, and only then, do we formulate a comprehensive program with clear, definable options that fit the client’s objectives and employees’ needs.

Healey & Associates employs financial professionals who offer over thirty years of experience in all facets of executive and employee benefit programs. The goal of these hands-on professionals is to build long-term, evolving relationships with clients to become a valuable extension of their professional advisor, human resource, and/or financial management teams.